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Speak Out Against Calls for Gun Control in El Paso

City Council Members Call for Gun Control

Make plans to attend El Paso’s City Counsel Meeting at the Council Chambers, City Hall located at 300 N Campbell St, El Paso, TX 79901 on June 21 at 9 am to speak out against calls for gun control. Go here to sign up to speak/call in. The call-in number 1-915-213-4096 with Conference ID: 707-337-420#. For more information, please see the meeting agenda.

Dear friend,

Anti-gunners on the El Paso City Council are using their bully pulpit to virtue signal for gun control.

We know the anti-gun Left is pushing for useless gun control like “raising the age” to buy a firearm, “red flag” gun confiscation and more. And sadly, some “pro-gun” Republicans are going along with them.

Gun owners need to speak up and make a stand for our rights, even when the battle is in our own backyards.

That’s why I’m asking you to speak out at the upcoming June 21st El Paso City Council meeting at 9 am, as they will be discussing a resolution to call for gun control (Agenda Item 2).

This resolution calls for the State Legislature to take up a Special Session to pass “red flag” gun confiscation, raising the age to purchase a firearm, universal background registration checks, waiting periods, bans on standard capacity magazines, and even more. It also directs the City Manager to work with other elected officials to “enhance” the gun control measures.

Gun owners cannot sit back while these radicals get their way. We must act!

While it’s important to have a pro-gun presence physically at the meeting, please note that you do not need to attend in order to speak. You can make your voice heard by calling in to the conference call.

If you plan to speak — either in person or by calling in — you need to register here by 9 am of the day of the meeting, at the latest. If you call, the number is 1-915-213-4096 with Conference ID: 707-337-420#.

As you prepare your remarks, consider these resources. GOA has activist booklets from the last legislative session that are relevant to the issues brought up by the resolution. Find them below:

Further, it may be worth noting that if El Paso’s City Council seeks to bring gun control to the city, it will in all likelihood violate state law (see Texas Local Government Code 229.001.) Such “local gun control” could open the city to being sued by the Attorney General and waste taxpayer money.

Lastly, gun owners may seek to comment on Agenda Item 1 and its resolution to harden schools.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking, you can still help by simply attending the meeting in support of those who are speaking out for your rights.

Thanks for standing with Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment!

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Regional Director
Gun Owners of America