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GOA Texas Bullet: 5-17-2021

Constitutional Carry is in Conference Committee!

Constitutional Carry, HB 1927, is in conference committee. Five House members and five Senate members are now responsible to develop language that both chambers can agree on.

Then both the House and the Senate need to vote “yes” on the conference committee report to send it to the Governor’s desk.

Several of the Senate amendments added complications and attached strings to Constitutional Carry. We are calling on the Senate conferees to agree with the House members that Constitutional Carry should mean those who can legally possess can carry a handgun without a permit – no strings attached.

See a side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate versions of HB 1927.

Action Item #1: Call the Conferees

We have less than two weeks to get HB 1927 across the finish line before it dies.

Please call the Senate conferees. Urge them to follow Rep. Schaefer’s lead to ensure that HB 1927 restores the same protections for honest citizens that were included in the House bill.

  • Senator Schwertner (chair): 512-463-0105
  • Senator Birdwell: 512-463-0122
  • Senator Campbell: 512-463-0125
  • Senator Creighton: 512-463-0104
  • Senator Hughes: 512-463-0101

Action Item #2: Call the “Big Three”

Please also call Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker Phelan and let them know that you are holding all of them accountable to get a strong Constitutional Carry bill signed into law.

  • Gov. Abbott: 512-463-2000 
  • Lt. Gov. Patrick: 512-463-0001 
  • Speaker Phelan: 512-463-1000 

Or, click here to write your own note to all three using our handy email form above.

Update on Major Gun Bills

In addition to Constitutional Carry, these bills are also moving through the legislative process:

2A Sanctuary: The House and Senate each passed their own version (HB 2622 by Holland and SB 513 by Hall). Last week, the Senate State Affairs committee heard HB 2622. There is still time for either the House or the Senate to send a bill to the Governor’s desk.

Emergency Powers: The House and Senate each passed their own virtually identical bill (HB 1500 by Hefner and SB 18 by Creighton). The House received the Senate bill and referred it to the House State Affairs committee on April 17, but the bill has not received a hearing. The Senate received the House bill and referred it to the Senate State Affairs committee last Friday, May 14. There is still time for either the House or the Senate to send a bill to the Governor’s desk.

Suppressor Freedom: The House passed HB 957 by Oliverson on May 4th and sent it to the Senate. The Senate State Affairs committee held a hearing last Thursday, May 13. There is still time for the Senate to send a bill to the Governor’s desk.

Update on Smaller Gun Bills

Traveler Protection: HB 1856 by Hefner (the stronger bill) passed the House and has been in the Senate State Affairs committee since April 19. SB 20 by Campbell passed the Senate and has been in the House Calendars committee since May 6.

Holster Freedom: SB 550 by Springer has passed the Senate and passed a House committee; it is scheduled for the House floor this week. HB 2112 by Metcalf is in a similar place in the Senate. Both of these bills repeal the “shoulder and belt” requirement for an open carry holster. (Note: the Constitutional Carry bill also repeals the “shoulder and belt” requirement for all open carry, whether LTC or permitless.)

No-Knock Warrants: HB 1272 by Crockett, our preferred bill, was not scheduled for the House floor. However, HB 492 by Wu passed the House and was amended on the floor to be much closer to Rep. Crockett’s bill. The Senate received it on May 10 and has not yet referred it to a committee.

Vehicle Carry Anti-Discrimination: HB 2967 by Cason passed out of committee with a 7-2 vote on April 16 and died in the Calendars committee.

GFZ Penalty Reduction: HB 854 by Burns passed the House and was referred to the Senate State Affairs committee on May 13. This bill would reduce the penalty for carrying in hospitals and amusement parks.

2A Business Anti-Discrimination: SB 19 passed the Senate and the House. Because the House added an amendment, the Senate now needs to decide whether to concur with the amendment or call for a conference committee to work out the differences. This bill would help keep taxpayer dollars from being used to fund contracts with companies that discriminate against firearms-related businesses.

See our auto-updated bill tracker

See the end-of-session deadline calendar.