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Tell John Cornyn to Back Off Backroom Gun Control Schemes

John Cornyn in Talks with Gun Grabbers

Dear friend,

Gun owners everywhere were heartbroken over the tragic news coming out of Uvalde, Texas.

An evil coward attacked our most precious, while police reportedly stood back.

Sadly, we know that anti-gunners like Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) will politicize this tragedy to disarm honest gun owners.

And who was one of the first Senators to join with Murphy in scheming up ways to disarm you and me? Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Instead of working on actual solutions like repealing the Gun-Free School Zones Act or enabling willing teachers to be armed, Cornyn is focused on “feel good” methods that won’t keep our school safer but will erode our rights.

In fact, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has reportedly promised to bring up votes on Red Flag Gun Confiscation and Universal Background (Registration) Checks as soon as Congress gets back from its Memorial Day break!

Gun owners cannot let such legislation pass, and John Cornyn is the key to stopping these infringements.

Please contact John Cornyn and politely urge him to “slam the door” on his backroom gun control talks with Murphy.

Time is short. Please take action right away above!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Regional Director