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Support 2A Hero Paul Chabot Over Gun Control Activist Frederick Frazier

Frederick Frazier Actively Works AGAINST Your Rights

Make plans to vote for the only pro-gun candidate, Paul Chabot, in the primary runoff election. Election Day is May 24th! Learn more about voting in Texas above.

Your choice for a pro-gun candidate in Texas House District 61 could not be clearer. Paul Chabot is your Second Amendment Champion.

His opponent, Frederick Frazier, has opposed practically every form of carry for Texans. He has opposed campus carry, open carry, and Constitutional Carry.

Vote for pro-gun champion, Paul Chabot.

For starters, he opposed an amendment that would have prohibited law enforcement from harassing honest firearm carriers.

Next, he has actively fought against your rights by lobbying AGAINST Constitutional Carry for years. He has joined up with radical anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action and registered in opposition to Constitutional Carry legislation.

In fact, he insultingly called Constitutional Carriers “ceiling shooters” and “a recipe for disaster.”

Yes, that’s what Frederick Frazier thinks about you and your freedom to carry without government permission.

However, Frazier knows his anti-gun views are out of touch with gun owners, so he’s trying to hide his gun control record to pull one over on the Second Amendment community.

So please, don’t be fooled. Please support pro-gun champion Paul Chabot in the primary runoff election.

Paul has been vetted by Gun Owners of America, and he stands 100 percent in favor of your rights.

In his own words:

“Texans must always have the right to defend themselves. It’s not just an American right, it’s a Texas right!”

Gun owners need a representative like Paul Chabot who will stand firm for their rights in Austin, and not someone who will join up with gun controllers who seek to erode the Second Amendment.

So please go to the polls and vote for Paul Chabot!

Paid for by Gun Owners of America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.