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Suppressor Freedom on the House Floor TODAY

HB 957 by Oliverson, the Suppressor Freedom bill, is on the House floor today!

Please call your State Representative and ask them to vote YES on HB 957!

Find your State Representative’s Capitol Office contact information here. 

Current law:

  • To own a suppressor, one must comply with an onerous set of Federal rules and regulations that include a $200 tax stamp and a lengthy wait – sometimes over a year. (National Firearms Act of 1934.)
  • The State of Texas criminalizes owning a suppressor outside of Federal regulations. (Texas Penal Code 46.05(a)(6).)

What this bill does:

  • Repeal TX criminalization of suppressor possession apart from Federal regulations. (TX Penal Code 46.05(a)(6).)
  • Establish a class of “Made in Texas” suppressors that must be manufactured in Texas from Texas-made parts, must stay in Texas, and are exempt from Federal regulations
  • Give a path to secure a declaratory judgment on the constitutionality of this law before someone manufactures “Made in Texas” suppressors.

Debunking Common Myths about Suppressors:

TRUTH: Suppressors do NOT silence guns.

  • Without a suppressor, a gunshot is ~160 decibels. Just 1 shot can cause permanent hearing damage.
  • With a suppressor, a gunshot is mid-130’s decibels (depending on location, equpiment, ammunition).
  • The sound of suppressed gunfire is still loud enough that many people still wear hearing protection.
  • The occupational hazard limit is 140 decibels.

TRUTH: Suppressors are a safety tool.

  • A suppressor brings a firearm sound just under the hazard limit, reducing the risk of permanent hearing damage.
  • The CDC recommends use of a suppressor if possible to safeguard one’s health.
  • It’s more dangerous NOT to use a suppressor than to use one.

TRUTH: Suppressors benefit communities.

  • A suppressor doesn’t lend itself to criminal activity — it makes a gun heavier, longer, less concealable, and only reduces the sound 30 decibels.
  • Who uses a suppressor? Those who shoot guns and don’t want permanent hearing damage.
  • When hunting: a suppressor makes it easier to communicate with those around you (no ear muffs)
  • A suppressor makes shooting less of a nuisance for the surrounding area. Some countries consider it rude to shoot WITHOUT a suppressor.
  • A suppressor reduces recoil, making a gun easier to control, and thus, safer.
  • Children, weaker adults, and those with hearing complications find it easier to shoot using a suppressor.

Download our PDF Handout supporting HB 957 on the House floor.