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Is Dan Patrick trying to sabotage Constitutional Carry?

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The Texas House passed a strong Constitutional Carry bill (HB 1927) a week ago in a decisive 87-58 bipartisan vote. 

But instead of immediately moving HB 1927 forward in the Senate, Lt. Governor Patrick secured the votes Thursday to suspend the rules and file his own poison pill version of Constitutional Carry, SB 2224 – over a month past the filing deadline.

SB 2224 is confusing and complicated. It creates profiling regulations that will burden law-abiding gun owners.

This is an insult to everyone who worked so hard to get Constitutional Carry over the finish line in the House. We cannot support SB 2224 with its poison pills. And we cannot condone a process that starts all over from the beginning with a new bill.

But here’s some more important news: The Lt. Governor has created a new Senate committee, the Special Committee on Constitutional Issues.  The committee membership is very favorable to Constitutional Carry. HB 1927 has been referred to this committee, and we expect it to have a hearing next week.

We encourage this committee to focus on moving HB 1927 forward as the most efficient path to passing Constitutional Carry in Texas. Time is ticking down, and there is no need to waste time sending a new bill to the House when the House has already done the heavy lifting to pass a strong bill.

We call on Lt. Gov. Patrick to use his position to secure the necessary votes and pass HB 1927 in the Senate without delay.

HB  1927 is a true Constitutional Carry bill because it restores firearms carry freedoms and ensures that law-abiding Texans have the protection of law.

Contact Lt. Governor Dan Patrick & your State Senator NOW!

Use our contact form to write your own message NOW to Lt. Gov. Patrick and your State Senator.  

Here is a sample message that you can edit for your own use:

Hi, I am a member of Gun Owners of America. I urge you to publicly show your strong support for HB 1927, true Constitutional Carry. Lt. Governor, I am confident you can find the votes to get it to the Senate floor. This is not the time to be filing a new bill – please make it a priority to pass HB 1927 quickly in the Senate.

Please add your own personal reasons why you support Constitutional Carry. Remember it is much more effective when you use your own words.

This is quick and easy – but it can make a huge difference.

Check the list below to see if your Senator has already supported Constitutional Carry. If they have, be sure to thank them and encourage them to stay strong in their support for HB 1927. Otherwise, urge them to make a public statement in support of true Constitutional Carry, HB 1927.

Does your Senator support Constitutional Carry?

The following State Senators have made a public statement in support of Constitutional Carry—some of them specifically supporting HB 1927. We thank them for their leadership and commitment to stand up for your right to keep and bear arms:

See a list of responses from all 31 Senators.

See information about HB 1927 .

Time is ticking away. The session ends on May 31, and HB 1927 needs to go through the committee process QUICKLY so we can see it through to the Senate floor! 

There is not a moment to waste. Please take action immediately and then share this alert with all of your pro-gun friends and family so they can also contact the Lt. Governor and their own State Senator.