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GOA Texas Bullet 4-19-2021

Constitutional Carry Passes Texas House 87-58! 

  • On Thursday, the House voted 84-56 on 2nd Reading after Rep. Matt Schaefer spent nearly 7 hours on the House floor masterfully defending your rights during the HB 1927 debate. (See video here, at 01:20:30.)
  • On Friday, the House voted to approve HB 1927 on final passage (3rd Reading) – 87-58. The bill remains very strong.
  • One Republican voted against (Rep. Meyer) and 7 Democrats voted in favor (Canales, Dutton, Guillen, Tracy King, Eddie Morales, Pacheco, Raymond).
  • Next, it has to pass the Senate. This requires Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to take action. It also requires the votes of 18 Senators to get it to the Senate floor, and 16 Senators to vote yes.
  • CLICK HERE for full action alert, vote count, and list of amendments.

Give Online Comments to Oppose Gun Control Bills 

Please submit comments online to OPPOSE the following bills

  • OPPOSE – HB 670 by Martinez: Gives a Class A misdemeanor if you shoot a gun, not at a range, while aiming recklessly or without an intended target, even if you don’t hurt anyone or anything. (Penalty increases if you cause harm.)
    Read the bill | See our handout Submit comments
  • OPPOSE – HB 3350 by Moody: Dramatically expands protective orders so that practically anyone could apply for an order against another you – and, if the order is granted, you would be banned from possessing firearms without due process.
    Read the bill See our handout | Submit comments

CLICK HERE to submit comments on all of the above billsComments close Monday evening 4/19 whenever the hearing ends. Start your comment with “I oppose this bill.” Then give a reason.

Other Gun Rights Bills Passed by the House and/or Senate: 

  • Repeal of Emergency Powers: SB 18 by Creighton passed the Senate 24-7 on Thursday and HB 1500 by Hefner passed the House 90-52. These are identical bills.
  • Traveler Protection (Hotels): SB 20 by Campbell passed the Senate. It would protect the right of legal gun owners to carry only handguns to their hotel rooms. HB 1856 by Hefner passed the House. It protects the right of legal gun owners to carry all firearms to their hotel rooms. We prefer the content of HB 1856.
  • Don’t Fund Anti-Gun Businesses: SB 19 by Schwertner passed the Senate. It would keep taxpayer dollars from being used to fund anti-gun banks, payment processors, or financial institutions. The companion bill, HB 2558 by Capriglione, was voted forward by the House committee on April 8 and is in the Calendars committee.
  • SB 1253 by Hall passed the Senate. It would codify that Texas will maintain its current LTC system as an option even after the Legislature passes Constitutional Carry.
  • SB 550 by Springer passed the Senate. It would eliminate the “belt and shoulder” open carry requirement – allowing any holster to be used for open carry.
  • HB 1407 by Schaefer passed the House. It clarifies that LTC holders do not need to conceal a handgun in their vehicle as long as that handgun is inside of any holster.
  • HB 918 by Leman passed the House. It extends LTC privileges to 18-20-year-olds who are protected under a family violence protective order other similar order.

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