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Constitutional Carry has a Senate Hearing this Thursday!

  • Constitutional Carry, HB 1927, is set for a Senate hearing this Thursday at 9 am. It is the only bill on the agenda. See hearing notice. 
  • Lt. Governor Patrick set up a new special committee just for Constitutional Carry. A majority of committee members have already committed to supporting the issue.
  • This is huge news because the Senate has NEVER heard Constitutional carry before! We would not be here without our members sending emails, making phone calls, and showing up to committee hearings for the past several months!
  • Please join us in Austin for the hearing. Begin preparing your 2-minute testimony now.
  • Click here to see our handout about how to come to the Capitol and testify at a Senate hearing.
  • Text your zip code to 844-222-7349 to get special detailed updates on the hearing this week.

Help Us Get These Bills to the Floor

The following bills have been voted out of committee in the House or Senate and need to go to the floor for a vote:

  • Suppressor Freedom – HB 957 by Oliverson: Repeals the state law prohibiting suppressor ownership without a Federal tax stamp, and sets up a new class of Made in Texas suppressors that would not be subject to Federal regulations. See our handout.  
  • 2A Sanctuary – HB 2262 by Holland and SB 513 by Hall: Both bills restrict our state from helping to enforce future Federal gun-grab laws; we prefer the language of SB 513.  See our handout. 
  • Vehicle Carry Anti-Discrimination: HB 2967 by Cason: Keeps law-abiding citizens from being unjustly deprived of vehicle carry rights because they were wrongly assumed to be part of a criminal street gang. See our handout. 
  • Limit No-Knock Warrants: HB 1272 by Crockett: Limits no-knock warrants to avoid abuse and bring Texas law more into line with the principle of “knock and announce.” See our handout.

Take Action: Call your State Senator to support SB 513 and get it to the Senate floor. Call or email the House Calendars Committee members to set HB 2262, HB 957, HB 2967, and HB 1272 for the House floor.

Please Give Comments Online Before Thursday

The following bills are set for a hearing in the House Homeland Security Committee this Thursday. Please submit written comments online. The comment form will be open until the hearing is finished.

  • SUPPORT: SB 550 by Springer would eliminate the “belt and shoulder” open carry requirement – allowing any holster to be used for open carry. It has already passed the Senate.
  • SUPPORT: SB 1253 by Hall would codify that Texas will maintain its current LTC system as an option even after the Legislature passes Constitutional Carry. It has already passed the Senate.
  • SUPPORT: HB 2865 by Crockett would allow those who have an order for deferred adjudication for robbery (but not aggravated robbery), after the order is at least 10 years old, to apply for a license to carry. (Currently, the list of people banned from applying for a license bans this class; the bill repeals the ban).


*Added after original send on 4-26-2021.