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Let’s talk about emergency powers: 

  • Have you heard about HB 3? It would repeal the Governor’s emergency powers to control guns.
  • But it would also add many other powers that some of our members find concerning.
  • Good news: we don’t have to support HB 3 to protect our gun rights. Instead, legislators can support HB 1500 & SB 18, which repeal the governor’s emergency powers to control guns without adding any additional issues.
  • HB 3 is up for a hearing this Thursday at 8 AM. If you wish to give input, you can testify in person or submit a statement online. See info here.  

Constitutional Carry filed—AGAIN! (plus more newly filed bills) 

  • Rep. Cole Hefner filed a very strong Constitutional Carry bill, HB 2900, last week – bringing the total to five Constitutional Carry bills filed this session! 
  • The following legislators have publicly put their name on a Constitutional Carry bill. Tell them thank you:
    • Authors: Representatives Biedermann, Hefner, Schaefer, White; Senators Hall, Springer
    • Joint Authors: Representative White; Senator Buckingham
    • Co-authors: Representatives Cain, Cason, Lozano, Slaton, Stephenson, Tinderholt, Toth; Senator Kolkhorst
  • If your legislators are not listed above, use our easy form TODAY to ask them to co-author Constitutional Carry. Click here

See our one-pagers:  

  • GOA Priority Legislation: Here are our priority bills to stand strong for gun rights and end current infringement in Texas
  • Constitutional Carry: end the license requirement so that if you can legally own a handgun, you can carry it, no license required.
  • Repeal Emergency Powers: don’t make us rely on a governor’s goodwill to protect our ability to buy, carry, and use our guns during an emergency

GOA Texas Days of Action: WE NEED YOU 

  • GOA Texas activists are meeting at the Capitol every Thursday at 10:15 AM. 
  • Join us! Text Felisha your T-shirt size and let her know you’ll be there – 832-622-8781.
  • We’ll put you with a team to take our one-pagers to the legislative offices! You may also be able to testify at a committee hearing.
  • No COVID test is required to join us (although one may be required for certain activities inside the Capitol).

Next Step: Be ready for committee hearings 

  • Most committees are hearing bills this week.
  • No gun bills are scheduled yet, but we expect them to be scheduled soon. 
  • We’ll have 5 days’ notice. We’ll give you an immediate text alert and a follow-up email.
  • Hearings will most likely be at these days and times (although we don’t know yet which week):
    • Senate State Affairs: Mondays at 9 AM (most gun bills in the Senate)
    • House Criminal Jurisprudence: Mondays at 2 PM or later (gun bills that don’t fit the categories below)
    • House State Affairs: Thursdays at 8 AM (2A Sanctuary, Emergency Powers, suppressor freedom)
    • House Homeland Security & Public Safety: Thursdays at either 9 AM or in the afternoon: Constitutional Carry, LTC issues, “red flag” laws, background checks