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Committee Hearings: Week of 3/15

We need you to help stop gun control and defend your rights!

This week’s hearings include several small pro-gun bills that clarify certain issues — and several very dangerous anti-gun bills. A committee hearing is a personal invitation to you to show up and give your opinion to the legislature — and it’s a critical opportunity to give input to the committee that has all the power to kill bills or move them forward.

Here are three ways that you can help at the committee stage:

  1. Attend a hearing and testify for or against the bills. You will be able to speak for 2-3 minutes per bill to give your position and opinion to the committee members. If you plan to attend, text Felisha at 832-622-8781 so we can know to expect you. See details for each hearing below.
  2. Call the committee chair and members and tell them to SUPPORT and VOTE IN FAVOR of the good bills — and OPPOSE and VOTE AGAINST the bad bills. Committee member information is listed below.
  3. Submit a written statement for or against each bill. Your statement will be posted publicly, and it’s critical to show strong numbers in support of gun rights (and against gun control). Use the links below for the forms to submit your statement.


Monday, March 15: Culture, Tourism & Recreation Committee

Hearing starts at 2pm, Room E2.036 at the Texas Capitol in Austin
CLICK HERE for hearing notice

Chair: Ken King  R  512-463-0736  [email protected]
Vice Chair: Barbara Gervin-Hawkins  D  512-463-0708
Rep. DeWayne Burns  R  512-463-0538  [email protected]
Rep. Travis Clardy  R  512-463-0592  [email protected]
Rep. John Frullo  R  512-463-0676  [email protected]
Rep. Celia Israel  D  512-463-0821  [email protected]
Rep. Matt Krause  R  512-463-0562  [email protected]
Rep. Armando Martinez  D  512-463-0616  [email protected]
Rep. Christina Morales  D  512-463-0732  [email protected]
Rep. Armando Martinez  D  512-463-0530  [email protected]
Rep. Christina Morales  D  512-463-0732  [email protected]


Monday, March 15: Criminal Jurisprudence Committee

Hearing starts at 2pm, Room E2.010
CLICK HERE for hearing notice

Chair: Nicole Collier  D  512-463-0716  [email protected]
Vice Chair: Keith Bell  R  512-463-0458  [email protected]
Rep. Jeff Cason  R  512-463-0522  [email protected]
Rep. David Cook  R  512-463-0374  [email protected]
Rep. Jasmine Crockett  D  512-463-0586  [email protected]
Rep. Gina Hinojosa  D  512-463-0668  [email protected]
Rep. Ann Johnson  D  512-463-0389  [email protected]
Rep. Andrew S. Murr  R  512-463-0536  [email protected]
Rep. Cody Vasut  R  512-463-0564  [email protected]


Tuesday, March 16: Human Services Committee

Hearing starts at 8am, Room E2.030
CLICK HERE for hearing notice

  • SUPPORT: HB 1387 by Rep. Harris – repeals the ban that currently requires foster parents to store firearms and ammunition in separate locked containers (or together, but with the firearm disabled)
    Read the bill | Submit a written statement
Chair: James B. Frank  R  512-463-0534  [email protected]
Vice Chair: Gina Hinojosa  D  512-463-0668  [email protected]
Rep. Lacey Hull  R  512-463-0727  [email protected]
Rep. Stephanie Klick  R  512-463-0599  [email protected]
Rep. Thresa “Terry” Meza  D  512-463-0641  [email protected]
Rep. Victoria Neave  D  512-463-0244  [email protected]
Rep. Candy Noble  R  512-463-0186  [email protected]
Rep. Toni Rose  D  512-463-0664  [email protected]
Rep. Matt Shaheen  R  512-463-0594  [email protected]


Thursday, March 18: Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee

Hearing starts at 9am, Room E2.030 (but the committee will likely not get to gun bills until noon or later)
CLICK HERE for hearing notice

Chair: James White  R  512-463-0490  [email protected]
Vice Chair: Rhetta Bowers  D  512-463-0464
Rep. Vikki Goodwin  D  512-463-0652  [email protected]
Rep. Sam Harless  R  512-463-0496  [email protected]
Rep. Cole Hefner  R  512-463-0271  [email protected]
Rep. Eddie Morales  D  512-463-0566  [email protected]
Rep. Jared Patterson  R  512-463-0694  [email protected]
Rep. Matt Schaefer  R  512-463-0584  [email protected]
Rep. Tony Tinderholt  R  512-463-0624  [email protected]