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GOA Texas Bullet 3-1-2021

Stage 2 is beginning NOW! 

  • In the legislative process, Stage 1 is bill filing, Stage 2 is committee process, and Stage 3 is floor debate and votes. The stages overlap.
  • Many House committees have announced organizational meetings this week where committee chairs will announce specific committee procedures (including how they will handle bill hearings and public input).
  • Some organizational meetings also include invited testimony from governmental agencies who will report on their operations and give their legislative wish lists.
  • See the full schedule on the TLO website; watch the livestream of House committee hearings at 

Join us to discuss this news Mondays at 8 PM

Committee organizational meetings THIS WEEK: 

GOA Texas Days of Action 

  • GOA Texas will be at the Capitol delivering our literature to legislators each week. We need volunteers to join us!
  • Meet at the North Entrance of the Capitol at 10:15 AM every Thursday in March and April. 
  • Plan to stay for a couple of hours (and for food afterward if you’d like).
  • The Capitol is located at 1100 Congress Avenue. Park at the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage, 1201 San Jacinto – it’s free for the first 2 hours, and very reasonable after that.
  • Text Felisha to RSVP or for more info (832-622-8781).

Gun bills sent to committees 

  • Last week, the House Speaker assigned the first 500 House Bills to committees.
  • Here are the bills that we are tracking that were assigned to committees. (NOTE: this includes bills we support and oppose, including both priority support and less significant bills.)
  • Action Item: Contact the committee chair offices and ask them to schedule hearings for GOA’s PRIORITY SUPPORT bills quickly! Remember to stay professional.

House State Affairs Committee  
Chair: Rep. Chis Paddie, 512-463-0556, [email protected] 

  • HB 26 by Swanson & HB 340 by Cain (repeal Governor’s emergency powers to regulate firearms) – PRIORITY SUPPORT
  • HB 112 by Toth (2A Sanctuary – Texas won’t enforce Federal gun-grab laws) – PRIORITY SUPPORT 
  • HB 336 by Cain (anti-“Red Flag” law) – PRIORITY SUPPORT

House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee  
Chair: Rep. Nicole Collier, 512-463-0716, [email protected] 

  • HB 492 by Wu (prohibits no-knock warrants) – SUPPORT
  • HB 196 by Meza (repeals Stand Your Ground law) – OPPOSE
  • HB 347 by Geren (creates new felony crime for lying on gun purchase form) – OPPOSE

House Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Committee  
Chair: Rep. Ken King, 512-463-0736, [email protected] 

  • HB 328 by Gervin-Hawkins (designates June as Firearm Safety Awareness month; promotes anti-gun sentiment) – OPPOSE

House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee 
Chair: Rep. James White, 512-463-0490, [email protected] 

  • HB 55 by Swanson (school marshal on-body carry) – SUPPORT
  • HB 52 by Reynolds & HB 245 by Bernal (onerous gun show restrictions) – OPPOSE
  • HB 118 by Ortega & HB 218 by Meza (universal background checks; bans private sales; creates gun registry) – OPPOSE
  • HB 164 by Meza (Red Flag gun confiscation orders) – OPPOSE
  • HB 172 by Meza & HB 241 by Ortega (bans commonly-owned firearms) – OPPOSE
  • HB 178 by Meza & HB 234 by Ortega (bans normal-capacity magazines) – OPPOSE
  • HB 185 by Meza (guns have to be stored in safes) – OPPOSE
  • HB 201 by Meza (repeals campus carry) – OPPOSE
  • HB 208 by Meza (bans manufacture of firearms without an FFL) – OPPOSE
  • HB 210 by Meza (requires firearms surrender for certain individuals) – OPPOSE
  • HB 213 by Bernal (bans long gun carry outside your property, vehicle, or watercraft) – OPPOSE
  • HB 223 by Meza (prohibits firearm possession for those with any misdemeanor involving use of force) – OPPOSE
  • HB 227 by Meza (requires DPS investigation for false-positive background check denials) – OPPOSE
  • HB 229 by Meza (requires additional reporting for NICS) – OPPOSE
  • HB 231 by Ortega (bans those under 21 from possessing many commonly-owned firearms) – OPPOSE
  • HB 235 by Meza (prohibits gun possession for 5 years after completing punishment for any family violence misdemeanor) – OPPOSE
  • HB 236 by Bernal (tiny 30.06 and 30.07 signs) – OPPOSE
  • HB 238 by Meza (repeals preemption; allows local government to regulate firearms) – OPPOSE
  • HB 276 by Murr (gives certain government officials special privileges to carry in “gun-free” zones, while not extending those freedoms to regular Texans) – OPPOSE
  • HB 395 by Moody (Red Flag gun confiscation orders) – OPPOSE