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GOA Texas BULLET: 2-22-2021

What is the Texas Lege doing right now? 

  • Many committees in both the House and Senate are holding emergency hearings on the ERCOT / power outage issues.
  • See a calendar of hearings on the TLO website. From that calendar, you can click any hearing notice for links to listen in and submit comments.
  • You can view any current committee livestreams from the front page of the TLO website (Right column: Legislative Activity > Video Broadcasts). Past committee livestreams are here: House | Senate.
  • This gives us an idea of what hearings and comment submission may look like for gun bills (see below).
  • Neither the House nor the Senate has started referring bills to committees yet.
  • After a chamber refers gun bills to committees, we will ask you to contact those committees asking for a quick hearing + vote on our priority bills

How will we be able to give input at committee hearings? 

With committees stalling, what can WE do RIGHT NOW for gun rights?