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Opening Day Expectations 

  • Texas’ 87th Legislative Session starts TOMORROW – Tuesday, January 12 – at noon.
  • Watch online at these links for House Senate.
  • Entrance to the galleries to watch live is limited to those with tickets.
  • The Capitol itself is open, with mask requirements, social distancing, and capacity limits. Some legislators are opening their offices for visitors to watch the livestream.

Session Expectations 

  • Legislators in each chamber will vote this week on the rules & procedures for session. See last year’s rules for House and Senate.
  • Important deadlines for filing, committee work, and floor votes – as well as expected norms – are explained here (HT: Texas Scorecard).
  • In the past three sessions, legislators have filed an average of 4,435 House Bills and 2,309 Senate Bills.
  • So far, legislators have filed 1013 House Bills and 267 Senate Bills. That’s approximately 350 more House Bills and 40 more Senate Bills than legislators had filed at the same point last session.

Constitutional Carry 


The best way to advocate for your gun rights is to join us for Texas G.O.L.D.—Gun Owners Lobby Day! Sign up today to make your voice heard. 

5 Reasons to Register NOW for Texas G.O.L.D. 

Phase 1 of our very own Texas Gun Owners Lobby Day is this Saturday, 12-3 pm, on Zoom. Here’s why you should sign up now:

  • First access to the GOA bill list
  • Exclusive access to the archived video
  • Connect with gun rights activists from your own district
  • A mailed paper copy of our talking points booklet
  • Access to special updates during the legislative session

​​ Sign up today. Registration closes Thursday night.