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Five Reasons to Register NOW for Texas G.O.L.D. 

 Still on the fence about whether you should register for Texas G.O.L.D. — our Gun Owners Lobby Day?

Here are five reasons you should sign up today: 

  • You’ll have first access to our GOA bill list with both the good bills and the bad bills that have been filed.
  • We’ll give you exclusive access to the archived video from Phase 1’s Zoom session.   
  • You’ll have the chance to connect with others from your own district who also want to help stand up for gun rights.
  • Registering for G.O.L.D. is the ONLY way to get a paper copy of our talking points booklet mailed to you.
  • Participating in G.O.L.D. gives you access to special updates during the legislative session.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Sign up today! 


Here’s how it will work. 

Texas G.O.L.D. Step One: 

Join us for our Zoom briefing on Saturday, January 16, 2021, from 12-3 pm. We will:   

  • Brief you on the gun bills being filed – both good and bad   
  • Give you effective talking points on all the major gun issues   
  • Connect you with other GOA activists in your district and help you develop an effective strategy   

Texas G.O.L.D. Step Two:  

During the following month, we will:   

  • Help you set up a meeting with your State Representative and State Senator   
  • Give you materials and information so you can confidently lobby for your gun rights   

The most common excuse we hear from legislators who don’t want to support your rights is, “I don’t think my constituents want Constitutional Carry.” Now is your chance to prove them wrong.    

Sign up today!