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Are you ready for Constitutional Carry?

Are you ready for Constitutional Carry? 

Thanks to your efforts, Gun Owners of America successfully passed HB 1927 this past legislative session. This means that starting September 1, many Texans will be able to carry handguns without having to first ask the government for permission.

We hope you’re as thrilled as we are to see some of our precious liberties being restored!

Make sure you’re ready for September 1st with these three action items:

1. Know the law. 

While HB 1927 was the strongest gun rights legislation in Texas history and represents a historic move to protect your individual liberties, it is not a perfect bill and it does not repeal all gun laws. We certainly plan to come back and keep repealing tyrannical restrictions such as “gun-free” zones.

In the meantime, it is your responsibility to know, understand, and follow the law. You need to know:

  • Who can carry without a permit?
  • How can we carry without a permit?
  • Where can we carry without a permit?
  • . . . and more.

We are happy that our friends at U.S. Law Shield have prepared an excellent guide to Texas’ new law, and we encourage you to read it before September 1.

2. Get training. 

We are vehemently opposed to government requirements that mandate training classes as a prerequisite to exercising your right to keep and bear arms. Nobody should risk going to jail for peacefully carrying a firearm without jumping through government hoops.

However, we feel just as strongly that you must take personal responsibility to get training in firearms handling and defensive gun use. You need to know how to select and safely handle a handgun, how to shoot accurately and quickly, when you can draw a gun, how to select and use a holster, and more.

There are many instructors throughout Texas – we encourage you to select an instructor with whom you are comfortable and who focuses on individual personal defensive training.

Keep in mind that some instructors opposed Constitutional Carry. Be sure to select an instructor who supports your rights. Feel free to join our Facebook group and ask the GOA Texas community about their favorite pro-gun instructors in your area.

3. Be ready to explain how Constitutional Carry protects Texans. 

The passage of HB 1927 has already sparked intense discussion throughout the state. Many oppose it because they do not understand guns or gun rights. This creates opportunities for you to speak up about how Texans will be safer because we don’t have to obtain a government permit before being ready to protect ourselves.

We want to help you explain to your friends and family why you are proud of Texas for passing this bill, and why they can celebrate too.

So join us for a Zoom meeting on Sunday, August 29 at 6 pm CT. We’ll review the basics of HB 1927, give you talking points to help explain to your friends why this policy is good for Texas, and celebrate with you all of your hard work that led to the passage of HB 1927.

Please register right now for this FREE meeting. You’ll receive a personal login link by email. We’ll see you there!