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The Second Amendment is Always a Priority

If you choose to participate in Republican Party politics, please contact the Legislative Priorities Committee member who represents your State Senate District and politely urge them to keep gun rights as a priority. Find out your State Senate District here.

Chair Hon. Nathan Macias [email protected]
SD01 Scott Hommel [email protected]
SD02 Marty Reid [email protected]
SD03 Dan Hunt [email protected]
SD04 Ashley Burke [email protected]
SD05 Michael Salvo [email protected]
SD06 Tammie Nielsen [email protected]
SD07 Tom Nobis [email protected]
SD08 Shelby Williams [email protected]
SD09 Vince Puente [email protected]
SD10 Jesse Taylor [email protected]
SD11 Suezette Griffin [email protected]
SD12 Chris Corbett [email protected]
SD13 Dr. Milinda Morris [email protected]
SD14 Amy O’Donnell [email protected]
SD15 Sean Cheben [email protected]
SD16 Liz Pickens [email protected]
SD17 Henry Bohnert [email protected]
SD18 Paul Yamarick [email protected]
SD19 Rhonda Marquardt [email protected]
SD20 Richard Miller [email protected]
SD21 Julie Dahlberg [email protected]
SD22 Devvie Duke [email protected]
SD23 Elaine Cook [email protected]
SD24 Wendy Daughtery [email protected]
SD25 Kaci Sisk [email protected]
SD26 Rick Briscoe [email protected]
SD27 Jeneria Lewis [email protected]
SD28 Chase Marberry [email protected]
SD29 Hans Sassenfeld [email protected]
SD30 Nancy Dillard [email protected]
SD31 Teresa Beckmeyer [email protected]