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Talking Points Booklet: Additional Restrictions on Transfer & Possession

Additional Restrictions on Transfer & Possession

See also discussion and points for how to talk about this issue under Constitutional Carry and Ending “Gun-Free” Zones, showing how important it is for us to be able to use firearms to stay safe.

GOA’s Position

The individual right to own firearms is fundamental. This right enables us to defend our lives against criminals and ultimately equips us to defend our liberties against a tyrannical government. Because this right is of utmost importance, the state must exercise extreme care before legally terminating or suspending a person’s ability to possess firearms – and must not adopt policies or regulations that could be used to discourage, delay, or deny honest Texans from exercising their right to purchase firearms.

Under no circumstances can the state properly force a person to forfeit his or her gun rights unless the person has committed a violent crime and been duly convicted of that crime or has been properly adjudicated as mentally incompetent with full due process.


  • OPPOSE: HB 227 by Rep. Meza, HB 880 by Rep. Hinojosa, & SB 556 by Sen. Blanco would require gun dealers to report to DPS whenever someone attempts to buy a firearm and is denied on the background check and would require DPS to investigate for possible prosecution. (Note that 95% of background check denials are false positives; see “Expanded Background Checks.”)
  • OPPOSE: HB 347 by Rep. Geren & SB 162 by Sen. Blanco would create a felony state crime for lying on a Form 4473 (Federally required form for purchasing gun from gun dealers).
  • OPPOSE: HB 521 by Rep. Fierro would create a registry of those who waive their gun rights voluntarily due to mental health concerns. This could be used in plea deals to coerce people into giving up gun rights.
  • OPPOSE: HB 882 by Rep. Hinojosa would prohibit anyone from knowingly receiving a firearm if the person is the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant, Federally or from another state, for an offense corresponding to a Class B misdemeanor or higher. This is already a Federal crime; we oppose double criminalization.
  • OPPOSE: HB 883 by Rep. Hinojosa would combine HB 880 & HB 882 (see above).
  • OPPOSE: HB 1040 by Rep. Goodwin would prohibit someone who has been ordered by a court to receive chemical dependency treatment from possessing a firearm enter him/her on the prohibited persons list.
  • OPPOSE: SB 555 by Sen. Blanco would prohibit a person from ever have his rights restored to possess a firearm if the person has committed certain violent crimes or committed any offense involving bias or prejudice.

See our updated bill list at