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Second Amendment Sanctuary. What does that mean?

A lot of you are taking about a Second Amendment Sanctuary [state / county / city].

Serious question for you: what do you mean by that?

Not just the vague mantra of “protect against infringements.” Let’s talk details.

Is this a bill that you want to pass into law? Or a Constitutional amendment? Or a resolution?

What would it say?

What infringements would it protect against — federal red flag laws schemes? Bans on AR-15s? Bans on carrying handguns without a license? Bans on carrying guns into certain places?

Would it say that each of those laws is null and void? If so, would it state the infringing laws specifically or give a general description?

Who would decide what is an infringement — especially if it just gave a general description? What about if new Federal gun grab laws are passed — who would decide what was an infringement?

If you make it like the 2A Interstate Compact that so many of you were asking me to make Texas join recently, it is the Governor, Lt. Gov., and Speaker who decide if something is an infringement. I’ll remind you that our Governor called for red flag laws, our Lieutenant Governor called for expanded background checks, and our previous Speaker blocked Constitutional Carry.

So, what would you do if we had a Second Amendment Sanctuary state, but the powers that be did not recognize a gun grab regulation as an infringement. Maybe they were okay with a bump stock ban. Maybe they don’t think the license requirement or background checks are infringements. Maybe they don’t think suppressors should be freely available.

What then? Do you pass a Second Amendment Super Super Sanctuary State bill that tells them it really really really must not be infringed? We really mean it this time?

Do you take them to court and sue them? Are you willing to risk going to jail first and then paying to fight your way through the legal mess?

Somebody told me a few days ago that since we can’t trust our elected officials to properly enforce this and protect our rights, we’d appoint a committee to oversee enforcement of the Sanctuary protections.

I asked who would do the appointing? She said the Legislature. I said, “the same Legislature that refuses to pass Constitutional Carry?”
So she decided that, instead, we should elect the committee that would rule on what was an infringement.

….just like we’ve elected the whole Legislature, and the Governor and Lt. Governor?

How do you think that’s going to go?

Or does this new hypothetical amendment or bill or resolution give you authority to snap your fingers and say “that’s an infringement, don’t touch me” and a magic bubble encircles you and keeps the Feds off of your property?

Here are my points:

1. I believe many people are asking for a vague idea but haven’t fleshed it out. I’d like to have an honest discussion trying to flesh out what you’re talking about.

2. I want you to understand that there’s no set of words that we can pass that is going to be the silver bullet to keep anybody from infringing on our rights ever again. I bet the Founders thought they were covering all their bases with the Second Amendment, yet we’re still infringed on.

3. YES, IT IS STILL GOOD TO PUSH STRENGTHENING RESOLUTIONS AND BILLS. Here in Texas, we’re supporting a whole lineup of bills that protect against Federal regulations.

For example:
HB 112 by Toth, HB 635 by Krause, HB 919 by Leman that all keep our state personnel and resources from being used to enforce federal gun grab laws.
HB 915 by Krause to create a Made In Texas class of guns and ammo that aren’t subject to Federal regulations.

HB 957 by Oliverson to create a Made in Texas class of suppressors that isn’t subject to Federal regulations.

We support those 100%. We think they will absolutely help Texas.

At the same time, we know that no matter how wonderful our words on paper are, the application and enforcement is where the rubber meets the road.
No matter how great our words are, the price of liberty will STILL be eternal vigilance.