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Join us for Texas G.O.L.D.- Election Edition 

Texas G.O.L.D.- Election Edition

Last year we taught y’all how to show up to the Capitol and have YOUR voice heard by the Texas Legislature! You were your own best advocates, and together we ended 150 years of tyranny by passing Constitutional Carry in Texas. 

Part of the battle at the Capitol is having solid Second Amendment champions in office — which is why we released our list of 2022 Gun Owner’s Choice Candidates last week. Now, we need to work together to keep our champions in office for the next two years.

So, we are thrilled to invite you to Texas G.O.L.D. 2022 — Election Edition.


Texas G.O.L.D. Step One:
Join us for our Zoom briefing on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, from 7-8 PM CT. We will:

  • Introduce you to your 2022 Gun Owner’s Choice Candidates
  • Show you what “Get Out the Vote” is and how it works
  • Connect you with other GOA activists in your district so you can help each other Get Out the Vote

Texas G.O.L.D. Step Two:
During the following month, we will:

  • Connect you with the campaigns of GOA endorsed candidates in your area
  • Help you organize Get Out the Vote events in GOA priority districts

The gun control army is fighting hard to take Texas. They can’t wait to trample on your rights, and the first step to doing that is getting anti-gun candidates elected. We will not win the war for our rights if we fail to show up!


See you on Zoom on February 9 for Texas G.O.L.D.: Election Edition