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This Thursday: Gun rights in House State Affairs Committee 

  • This Thursday, the House State Affairs Committee will hear bills that would establish Texas as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, repeal emergency powers relating to gun rights, and keep taxpayer dollars from supporting companies that discriminate against firearms-related businesses.
  • Submit written comments on these bills now. See below for bill numbers and talking points. Comment forms stay open until the hearing ends on Thursday afternoon or evening.
  • Join us at the hearing and testify in person if you can.
  • See the hearing notice – House State Affairs Committee, 8 am Thursday 4/1, JHR Room 140 (separate building north of the Capitol on the Capitol complex – see map)

HB 1500: Repeal of Emergency Powers – SUPPORT  

  • Currently, during a declared disaster or state of emergency, the Governor of Texas may control the sale, transportation, and use of firearms and ammunition.
  • We’re thankful that Governor Abbott didn’t abuse this power during the pandemic response. However, we shouldn’t have to trust the good graces of any governor to protect our rights.
  • HB 1500 by Hefner would repeal a governor’s ability to regulate the way we buy, sell, and use guns and ammo during a disaster or emergency declaration.

See our handout | Read the bill Submit comments online  

HB 2558: Keep Tax Dollars Away from Anti-Gun Companies – SUPPORT 

  • Prohibits government entities from contracting with a company to provide goods and services unless the contract includes affirmations that the company does not and will not discriminate against gun-related companies and ranges.

  • Applies to contracts of over $100,000 that are made with companies with at least 10 full-time employees and that are paid wholly or partly from taxpayer funds.

  • This is a response to companies that regularly discriminate against gun owners or gun-related businesses.

Read the bill | Submit comments online 

HB 2622: Second Amendment Sanctuary State – SUPPORT 

  • Declares that Texas personnel and resources cannot help enforce Federal laws or regulations related to firearms, ammunition, and accessories if those laws don’t exist in Texas. We support this.
  • Local government entities that violate this would be cut off from state grant funds. We support this.
  • This bill would not apply to “a contract or agreement to provide assistance in the enforcement of a federal statute, order, rule, or regulation in effect on January 19, 2021.” We would prefer for this clause to be narrower.

See more information | Read the bill | Submit comments online 

Constitutional Carry Update 

  • Constitutional Carry bills received a historic hearing last Thursday. GOA members were at the Capitol testifying until after 5:30 am.

  • As we work to get a committee vote on solid Constitutional Carry language, it is critical that you contact your State Representative and State Senator right away.
  • Use our handy contact form.