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GOA TEXAS BULLET: 12-21-2020

Lobby for your own gun rights 

  • Join Texas G.O.L.D. 2021 – the Gun Owners Lobby Day – to advocate for your rights. Sign up here
  • You are the one most qualified to tell legislators your own opinion about your right to keep and bear arms. Texas G.O.L.D. will help you do this effectively.
  • If you missed our Zoom legislative training, find it here: Part 1 (legislative process) | Part 2 (using the TLO website) | Part 3 (talking to legislators)

Election News 

  • Last Saturday, Drew Springer defeated Shelley Luther in the special election run-off for State Senate District 30. He now vacates his seat in House District 68.
  • We expect the Governor to order a special election for HD 68 soon.
  • Because the vacancy is within 60 days of a legislative session, the election can occur between 21-45 days after the Governor orders it. A run-off can occur 12- 25 days after the run-off is ordered.
  • A candidate must receive a majority of the votes in order to win.
  • See more: Texas Election Code 203.013.

Growing Support for Constitutional Carry 

  • Constitutional Carry means “if you can legally own a handgun, you can carry it – open or concealed, no permit required.” See more
  • Last week, the Texas GOP wrote: “There are over 30 states that don’t require a permit to carry a handgun, but Texas isn’t one of them. That must change.”
  • Constitutional Carry is a Texas GOP legislative priority: “Restore legal Texas firearms owners‘ rights to carry them openly or concealed without a permit while maintaining the option of a permit for reciprocity purposes.”
  • Constitutional Carry is also a top priority for GOA Texas and we continue to strongly advocate for it.
  • Before Springer’s election to the Senate, Springer filed HB 299, a placeholder bill for permitless carry. He will now have to refile his bills in the Senate.
  • GOA supports modifications to HB 299 to allow anyone who can legally possess a handgun to be able to carry the handgun, open or concealed, without a license.

In Their Own Words   

  • “Chairmen can single-handedly stop any legislation referred to their committee, and you will determine who will assume that authority.” Rep. Biedermann warned presumptive Speaker Phelan not to repeat the mistake of appointing someone like Poncho Nevarez to chair the committee that hears gun bills.
  • “The modifications outlined below are necessary to ensure . . . health and safety . . while providing a meaningful ceremony to celebrate Members’ election to the Texas House of Representatives . . . ” Chairman Charlie Geren laid out House protocols for opening day, January 12.
  • “Under the U.S. Constitution, Texas Constitution, and Texas state law, must the Capitol be open to allow the citizens of Texas to petition their government, specifically in terms of public access to the Texas Capitol in order to testify during legislative committee hearings . . .” Rep. Briscoe Cain submitted a request for opinion to Attorney General Ken Paxton.
  • “The Texas Capitol will re-open on January 4th . . . and each chamber will vote upon their respective rules and protocols at the start of the legislative session.” Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker Bonnen announced the re-opening earlier today.