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GOA Endorses Rep. Michael Cloud for Congress

Vote for Michael Cloud for Congress

Gun Owners of America is proud to announce our official endorsement for Representative Michael Cloud to serve Texas’ 27th Congressional District. Rep. Cloud is “A+” rated with GOA for his strong defense of gun owners from ATF’s illegal gun registry.

So please, make a point to get to the polls and vote for Congressman Michael Cloud!

In office, Representative Michael Cloud has always been a strong defender of your Second Amendment rights.

The Congressman has always been there to assist GOA in our efforts to protect your rights from further infringement and to restore the rights anti-gunners have already taken away.

When Gun Owners of America discovered that ATF “processed” over 54 million firearm transaction records into a gun registry in 2021 alone, Rep. Cloud was there to lead the fight back.

He worked with GOA to point out that the Biden Administration was proposing to register EVEN MORE firearms each year.

So, the Congressman gathered 51 of his colleagues and demanded accountability from the Biden Administration and the ATF:

The Biden administration is yet again ignoring the real threats against America and instead using political leverage to encroach on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens…

This proposed rule would be a giant leap toward a federal firearm registry, which is explicitly banned by law…

Requiring federal firearm licensees to preserve records older than 20 years will enable the Biden administration to collect more information on law-abiding gun owners, all with the purpose of eventually having a registry of every gun owner in the United States.

Well said!

Rep. Cloud also proved himself a leader when he introduced the GOA-endorsed Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act.

Representative Cloud’s legislation would provide a meaningful update to the federal law, protecting gun owners from President Joe Biden’s and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra’s impending anti-gun agenda.

Only a few months later, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York abused his power, declaring so-called “gun violence” an emergency and an epidemic.

We need more representatives like Congressman Cloud to out-think and out-maneuver the anti-gunners before the anti-gunners attempt to infringe on your rights.

GOA is proud to endorse Congressman Michael Cloud to continue to represent the Second Amendment rights of the 27th Congressional District of Texas.

When it comes to your Second Amendment rights, you want Rep. Cloud representing you in Congress.

You can learn more about Michael Cloud at

— Tim Macy, Chairman
Gun Owners of America