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Constitutional Carry and the Senate: Don’t Celebrate Yet

You may have heard the news: HB 1927, the Constitutional Carry bill, passed both 2nd Reading and 3rd Reading in the Texas Senate! 

Although this is exciting to hear, we cannot celebrate yet. 

The bill author, Rep. Matt Schaefer, stated Thursday evening : 

We are now reviewing amendments that were added by the Senate to look for issues that would break House rules governing the purpose of HB 1927. Our first impression has us very concerned. Will share more as soon as we can. Our goal is to make Texas the 21st Constitutional Carry state.

We, too, are very concerned by our first review of the actual language of the Senate amendments – especially when it comes to procedural issues.

Please know that we are working hard on this and we will let you know as soon as we have more to share. 

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It’s certainly well past time for Texas to repeal the 1871 ban on carrying handguns outside our property! 

The fact that we have gotten this far is an amazing tribute to Gun Owners of America members all across Texas who have persevered in phone calls, showed up to hearings, testified at the Capitol all night long, and made sure your legislators knew that our gun rights are non-negotiable. 

We have until May 31 to get this bill over the finish line. Not only do we have to deal with procedural issues, but the bill will also have to go to the House for their review of the Senate amendments, and possibly through a conference committee process. However, we are determined to push forward to restore our firearm freedoms in Texas! 

Stay tuned for more news and action items soon. 

EDIT 5/6/21: The Senate amendments are now posted on TLO. View them here. (Scroll down to see Senate Amendments F1-F27.) Several of them are quite complicated. We are working on an accurate and thorough analysis and will post it when it is available. Thank you for your interest!