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Committee Hearing Alert – 18 April 2023 @ 9 AM

There will be a lot of anti-gun bills heard in committee tomorrow at the Texas Capitol. If you can’t attend, please copy this link into your browser and share your comments for the committee to review. You can click on the pdf to review a short breakdown of the bills. Thanks to Ian Kress for this pdf.

Community Safety Committee Hearing 18 April 2023

Here is a list of GOA’s positions.
GOA Position: Against
HB 22
HB 106
HB 220
HB 236
HB 298
HB 533
HB 1007
HB 1138
HB 2744
HB 3271
HB 3435
HB 3534
HB 4472

GOA Position: Neutral
HB 4639

GOA Position: For
HB 1894
HB 2291
HB 3138
SB 599