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We need you to get out the vote

Early voting in the Primary Run-off Election starts four weeks from today. Several “Gun Owner’s Choice” candidates for State Representative will be on the ballot in their districts. These candidates are still vying for a spot on their party’s ballot in the November election, and this election is their final chance to secure that spot.

We must help these candidates over the finish line so the voters in their districts have a solid pro-gun choice in November.

Now is the time to make sure Texas wins for gun rights.

Will you join the GOA Texas team for a “Get-Out-The-Vote” day of action to get our candidates over the finish line? 

“Get-Out-The-Vote” Days of Action for GOA Candidates 

  • Bryan Slaton, HD 2: Saturday, June 6, in Greenville, TX
  • Jon Francis, HD 60: Friday evening, June 12, in Granbury, TX
  • Shelby Slawson, HD 59: Saturday, June 13, in Glen Rose, TX
  • Carrie Isaac, HD 45: Saturday, June 13, in Buda, TX
  • Jennifer Fleck, HD 47: many days available, southwest Austin / Bee Cave

All of Texas will benefit when these districts send the Gun Owner’s Choice candidate to Austin. So wherever you are in Texas, I urge you to find the nearest day of action and join in. Your help can make the difference in whether the Texas Legislature moves forward with gun rights or takes a step backward.

So please join the GOA Texas team and help get our Gun Owner’s Choice candidates over the finish line!