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It Is Never Okay To Violate Your Oath

As a very serious matter… when a person swears an oath to the Constitution, they are making a commitment to fully abide by all the requirements in the Constitution.

Senator Cornyn, you have violated your oath to the greatest contract ever written. This amazing document lays out exactly what you can and cannot do as a US Senator. It is very clear that the 2nd Amendment places a restriction on you from enacting any legislation that restricts the right to own or carry a firearm. You voted for and rallied the support of other Republicans to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. This Act is in direct opposition to the United States Constitution.

While you may believe you are doing something for the greater good of the people, you cannot do so while restricting people’s rights. Aside from that obvious fact, you have endangered lives when you require a 19-year-old female to wait up to 20 days for a background check while she is threatened by an abuser.

In another unexpected consequence, a father and son recently went to purchase firearms and were both delayed because of this unconstitutional law. The son was delayed because he was 18, and the father was then delayed for separate firearms because his son lived at the same address as him.

The right to own and carry a firearm for self-defense is natural and inalienable, and a right delayed is a right denied.

I, along with many others, are watching your actions and we are very upset with the way you have been legislating. Your advocacy for red flag laws, background delays, and age restrictions are unacceptable. We will most certainly not forget your betrayal in 2026.