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Join us for a DFW Day of Action

I’d like to tell you about two candidates for Texas State Representative in Tarrant County.

Tony Tinderholt (HD 94, Arlington) is a decorated combat veteran serving his third term as State Representative. He currently sits on the Homeland Security Committee, which hears most of the gun bills.

Last legislative session, despite the committee’s anti-gun chairman, Tinderholt hit back hard from the dais against the gun control lies and helped to stop gun control bills from moving through the committee. 

But Rep. Tinderholt doesn’t want to simply stop gun control; he also wants to advance your gun freedoms by getting rid of the permit requirement and ending government-mandated “gun-free” zones. 

In his own words:

“The government’s job is not to grant or take away rights. The government’s job is to protect those rights—inalienable rights or God-given rights. People should have the right to defend themselves and protect their families, and protect the people around them, either from a tyrannical government, or individuals who wish to do harm.”

– Rep. Tony Tinderholt

Just down the road from Rep. Tinderholt’s district, Jeff Cason is running to replace the retiring Rep. Jonathan Stickland, who has been one of the state’s strongest fighters for gun rights.

Last election, this seat was one of the closest races across Texas. But Cason is determined to keep the seat for gun rights and to keep fighting for Constitutional Carry. In his own words:

“I am a firm believer in the right of every law-abiding Texan to keep and carry their own firearms. The Founding Fathers were clear that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to empower citizens to defend themselves. It is a right that cannot be taken away.”

– Candidate Jeff Cason

Both Tinderholt and Cason are in mixed districts. That means their races will be extremely close and could go either way. To make things worse, rabidly anti-gun PACs have endorsed and are pumping money into their opponents’ campaigns.  

The best way to overcome this gun-grabbing funding is for all of us to show up and be sure voters know that Tinderholt and Cason are the best candidates for the district.

And we’re making it easy for you to do exactly that! 

Day of Action for Cason and Tinderholt 

Please join us on Saturday, October 17, for a day of action to get out the vote for Gun Owner’s Choice Candidates Jeff Cason and Tony Tinderholt! Join us for whatever part of the day you prefer. No experience is necessary—the important thing is simply to show up! 

10:30 am: Rally for Jeff Cason 

  • Meet at Bedford County Library, 2424 Forest Ridge Dr, Bedford, TX 76021

11:30 am: Walk for Jeff Cason 

  • Briefing at Bedford County Library, then pair up to blockwalk.
  • Bring comfy shoes, water, and a friend.
  • No experience necessary, just show up!

3:30 pm: Walk for Tony Tinderholt 

  • Briefing at 705 S Davis Dr., Arlington, TX 76013 (parking lot is behind the building), then pair up to blockwalk
  • Bring comfy shoes, water, and a friend.
  • No experience necessary, just show up!

7 pm: Tacos with Tinderholt 

Your presence will make a difference to the voters in this election. So be sure to join us to get out the vote for Gun Owner’s Choice Candidates Jeff Cason (HD 92) and Tony Tinderholt (HD 94).