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GOA Texas Bullet: 12-14-2020

New Bill Filings 

  • HJR 40 by White proposes a Constitutional amendment to ensure no Texas governor can suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation of firearms.
  • HB 796 by Phil King updates the use of force law to further protect those who use a firearm for defense against rioters or other attackers.
  • HB 670 by Martinez would ban “reckless discharge” of a firearm. GOA opposed a similar bill last session because it could easily criminalize harmless behavior.
  • HB 693 by Moody deals with children’s access to firearms, raising the age from 17 to 18, among other changes. Look for a full analysis later.
  • HB 760 by Goodwin would restrict private gun sales and redefine “gun shows.”
  • HB 791 by Goodwin would ban display of any firearm at a public demonstration. A “demonstration” would include one person making a speech, marching, or otherwise expressing his or her views in a way that could attract onlookers.
  • HB 799 by Rosenthal modifies the intoxication carry statute but fully exempts law enforcement, allowing cops to carry guns while intoxicated whether on-duty or off-duty.

HB 196 by Meza: True or False? 

  • The bill is anti-gun and we oppose it.
  • It repeals “Stand Your Ground” but does not repeal “Castle Doctrine.” It would give a duty to retreat before using deadly force everywhere except in your home.
  • Rumors and misinformation have been running rampant about this bill. Be sure you understand the facts so you can effectively fight gun control.
  • Read the bill yourself to find the truth.
  • We discussed this bill in previous emails, web posts, and this interview with The Pew Pew Jew.
  • We also wrote this article to help you get your facts straight.
  • The worst danger of this bill is that it distracts you from the sneakier gun control bills that are more likely to pass this year.

Notable News   

  • “Your voice is locked out of the Capitol right now.” The Texas Freedom Caucus demanded an open Capitol.
  • With only 18 Republican Senators this session, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants a rules change to require only 18 Senators to agree to bring a bill to the floor. Last session, the threshold was 19; previously, it was 2/3 of the 31 Senators. A majority of Senators can change the rule or vote to override it for a particular bill.
  • December 12 was the last day for legislators to receive financial contributions before session. Texas Ethics Commission prohibits additional contributions until June 21, 2021.
  • Early voting is underway in the Texas Senate District 30 special election runoff, where former Sen. Fallon vacated the seat after winning a special election for former Congressman Ratcliffe’s U.S. House seat. GOA is not endorsing either candidate in this election.


  • GOA Texas is providing FREE Legislative Training so you can be effective at standing up for your rights.
  • Part 1: The Texas Legislative Process and what to do at every step along the way.
    • Listen to Part 1 here; view the slides here.
  • Part 2: The TLO website: your lifeline to finding all the information you need.
    • Listen to Part 2 here (there are no slides because of the nature of this presentation).
  • Part 3: Talking to Legislators – from phone calls to meetings and committee hearings, make the most of your time and move your issue forward with confidence and poise.
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