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Constitutional Carry

We’re excited that Texas legislators have filed Constitutional Carry to repeal the permit requirement to carry a handgun. But the clock is ticking. We have to show strong support NOW to help this legislation move forward quickly.  

We need your help!  

Use this form to tell your State Representative and State Senator to coauthor Constitutional Carry.  Remember to be courteous while you stay firm in your beliefs. 

  1. Fill in the subject line.
  2. Write 1-3 sentences telling them why the permit requirement is an infringement and why Texas will be safer if we recognize the right of those who can legally own a gun to carry it, open or concealed, no license requiredSee our Constitutional Carry handout, below, for ideas on how to talk about this.
  3. Ask them to co-author Constitutional Carry bills. You can copy and paste this list: 
  • Constitutional Carry House Bills: HB 1238 by Biedermann, HB 1927 by Schaefer; HB 1587 + HB 821 (passed together) by White 
  • Constitutional Carry Senate Bills: SB 540 by Springer, SJR 24 by Hall 


CLICK HERE to download the GOA Texas Constitutional Carry Handout

You can print the handout easily in either color or black-and-white.

If you prefer, here are JPG images of the handout that you can easily share on social media.